I started collaging in college, when some friends and I developed a parody student magazine. The zine’s layout was crudely assembled with scotch tape and cheaply photocopied, but there was something manic and defiant and unsettling about the medium that I really liked.

I came back to collage a few years after graduating, starting with simple cut-ups of newspaper ads before gradually moving into more naturalistic surrealism. All my collages are still handmade, with scissors, magazines, and glue sticks — a sort of analog photoshop.

Big influences for me (w/r/t collaging, at least) are Rene Magritte, Terry Gilliam, Hieronymous Bosch, the Quay Brothers, W.G. Sebald, Stanley Donwood, The Avalanches’ Since I Left You (2000), and the documentaries of Adam Curtis. Dadaism ain’t for me, pal.





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